Disney Hires Obama Aide To Stop The Boycott

Posted by on April 6, 2022 6:44 pm
Categories: Editorial

By Emerald Robinson
Their new PR strategy: blame it all on Republicans!
Disney has found itself on the losing side of the political battle over Florida’s anti-groomer bill that Governor Ron DeSantis has now signed into law — so the pro-pedophile corporation has turned to Michelle Obama’s former communications director to be their top spokesman and help stop the bleeding. She was hired yesterday.

In the last two weeks, Disney has found itself facing a growing backlash by parents — fueled by social media memes calling for a boycott of the corporation. A small campaign has turned into a nationwide movement to cancel Disney over its pro-pedophile stance. So there’s a lot of bleeding for Kristina Schake to stop. 

In addition, a series of internal training videos leaked to the public and unmasked the LBGT-pedophile agenda at Disney. Not to mention Disney’s long history of hiring pedophiles — a history that is so long and extensive that it’s impossible to call it unintentional.


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