Goodbye to CNN+

Posted by on April 24, 2022 4:01 am
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Twenty-one days that shook America’s corporate media world

Written by Emerald Robinson

The entire world was thrilled to learn that parent company WarnerBros Discovery would “terminate” CNN’s new streaming service on April 30th — and “terminate” hardly does justice to this cancellation in the media landscape. It’s really more like the Iliad and the Odyssey of the American corporate media business. 

It’s the disgrace that launched a thousand GIFs. 

CNN+ (or CNN- if you prefer) failed after 21 days. More than $300 million had apparently been spent on launching the stillborn channel. CNN hired hundreds of staffers, and prepared to launch dozens of new shows, in the midst of a new parent company merger. Call it Jeff Zucker’s last laugh. He knew that WarnerBros Discovery management wanted to get rid of him, so he saddled them with a quarter-billion dollar wart (Chris Wallace gets $9 million per year! Jemele Hill gets a TV show! ) that would be embarrassing and hard to remove.

To its credit, WarnerBros Discovery swallowed Zuker’s poison pill with a smile. You can almost hear the boardroom discussions: we’ve only lost $300 million on a CNN streaming channel that didn’t last one billing cycle? That’s a steal to dump that bald midget Zucker from the payroll! And it’s true: CNN simply had no future under the leadership of a guy who paid top dollar to poach Chris Wallace and Kasie Hunt for a flop channel with 10,000 subscribers that lasted three weeks — which is only three Scaramuccis or 1,512 Toobin Zoom calls if you’re into alternative timekeeping. 

Sure, there was a little misdirection at the end — but that only heightened the suspense when CNN’s new overlords plunged the knife into Zucker’s minions.

Now that it’s dead and buried, the board members at the parent company finally made their feelings clear in several media leaks and the message was: prepare for more blood to be spilled.

What is “non-news apparatus” supposed to mean? Because it sounds a lot like Don Lemon and Brian Stelter to me. This sort of thing triggered all the left-wing eunuchs into another round of drum-circle therapy scream-tweeting that is one of life’s guilty little pleasures for me, personally.

Of course, Chris Licht did tell Kasie Hunt how to improve her CNN+ show — in a manner of speaking — by killing it. There was simply no audience for yet another propaganda show by a Big Pharma shill like Kasie Hunt — no audience at all — even among liberals.