mRNA “DNA Gene Editing” — No Longer a Conspiracy Theory

Posted by on March 14, 2022 12:14 am
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Reckless “Gene Editing” with no Oversight is Very Dangerous

By Igor Chudov

This post exposes lies and omissions by Moderna and “fact checkers”, who dishonestly claimed that mRNA injections cannot change human DNA. I will show that during this time, Moderna was secretly working behind the scenes to modify human genes.

I recently wrote a series of posts about mRNA “Covid Vaccines”, unexpectedly reverse transcribing into human DNA and creating strange DNA genetic codes in human cells, including code of a p130 tumor gene, as well as permanent DNA code to produce spike protein.

While this was contrary to the promises of how “Covid Vaccine makes harmless spike protein and goes away in 2-3 days”, more and more science experiments confirm that mRNA “Covid vaccines” have far reaching and disturbing permanent genetic effects.

Since then, I came across new information about Moderna going full speed with commercializing mRNA technology that alters and purposely edits human DNA.

This is incredibly dangerous.

Amazingly enough, this news was not reported widely in mainstream media. 

The glowing and uncritical article in Fierce Biotech, inadvertently confirmed some of the allegations highlighted in my articles.


  • Moderna has been working actively on modifying human DNA in the past — DNA modification was work in progress, not a “known impossibility”
  • Therefore Moderna knew that mRNA technology is capable of altering human DNA
  • Moderna knew full well that its mRNA nanoparticles target human liver

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