What Happened To Hannity?

Posted by on February 23, 2022 4:17 am
Categories: Editorial

The popular Fox News host has some explaining to do to his audience.

SOURCE: Emerald Robinson

Allow me to introduce a painful subject that’s difficult to discuss in conservative circles but long overdue: what has happened to Sean Hannity?

Now I’m not talking about the fact that Hannity seems to have done the exact same TV show for the last two years on autopilot. This seems so obvious that it’s hardly a controversial opinion. Even his ardent admirers can admit that most nights sound like they were pre-taped in 2019. What’s changed really? The scripts are exactly the same but the eyes look sad. 

Let’s call this the “vape pen” phase of the Hannity show.

I’m also not talking about why Hannity keeps putting the GOP establishment’s court jester Lindsey Graham on the air to say absurd things like “I’m gonna get to the bottom of Russiagate.” Why Hannity keeps giving air time to Republican grifters like Senator Graham is a matter for Hannity and his audience to argue over — or perhaps Hannity and his shrink. Does he still believe Graham’s dumb lies? Or does he simply not care? 

That’s another essay entirely

Nor am I talking about Hannity spending 2019 and 2020 telling the American public that “indictments were coming soon” over the Russia Hoax and then staying mum when the outcome that he had personally vouched for actually turned out to be a hoax itself. This would have ended the career of any other anchor — but not Hannity. He just kept going like one of those speedboats that hits the shore and flips in mid-air and then lands like nothing happened in a James Bond movie.


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